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Fantasy Picks is a very fun, skill-based game, where you have to predict the players of the game team to win the tournament. Today, you can play a variety of exciting selection games such as legendary football picks, rugby legend selection, popular cricket picks, popular IPL 2021 team, and many more games to play at home.

In addition to these unique game formats, you can also make money with your fancy sports guessing skills and win some extra cash. Whenever you win a game, you get points that can easily be used to make real money. With IPL 2021 running, this is the best time to test your skills with popular Premiership league predictions.

Isn’t this fun? Read on to find out more about the Fantasy Picks game.


Why Play Fantasy Picks Game Online At BMG?

  1. End user safety


Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) platform provides a secure environment for all our users. We have also put in place a strong KYC policy to ensure age restrictions and to avoid any suspicious activity. The domain is encrypted with 128 SSL encryption, a powerful barrier to protecting the privacy of our users.


  1. Earn extra money with many dream prediction games


We offer a wide range of exciting guessing games played by our users. You can also earn good money by playing regularly and by winning games.


  1. Easy withdrawal policy


BMG follows a simple withdrawal policy where you just have to link your banking details to our forum. All BMG deposits and withdrawals are seamless and processed within 24-48 hours.


Age and Skills

  • We promote the age limit of over 18 years and ensure that this policy remains the same; every user must submit their KYC documents, including PAN card and bank details. This allows you to play with money without interruption.
  • To win the Fantasy Picks game, you need to pay attention to the player’s strength and organize the famous team according to its performance to win the game. Before you get into the game, you can start with the free games available to make sure you understand the game format.


How Can You Make Real Money by Playing Fantasy Picks online?

  • Fantasy Picks team games need practice to understand which player can get into a particular situation. You can start by playing the free games available on our site, giving you an understanding of our game format. If you feel good, there are a variety of non-fiction sports betting games available in our area for real money.
  • All of your winnings will be credited to your account and your transaction may take 24-48 hours to process.


How to play the Fantasy Picks game?

Fantasy Picks is a skill-based game that requires practice and good game math skills. Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a professional speaker-


  • The BMG Fantasy Picks game is available online for free on Android and Apple. You can also download it from our official website.
  • Now, create your user account and continue filling in the relevant details and pasting your KYC.
  • Start by practicing a few trial games just like Time Pass Games to get the platform algorithm.
  • You can start playing paid games to win and earn good money.
  • Different types of dream selection games are available at BMG- Fiction ball selection, dream football selection, appropriate cricket selection including Fantasy Indian Premier League predictions and more.


Tips and tricks for playing a fairy tale game


  1. Understanding the power of the game


Fantasy Picks is a mind-blowing game that requires you to step down, collect a few tips and tricks and understand the game’s needs, including player stats, strengths, and weaknesses, in order to build a strong team guessing game.


  1. Extensive practice


To better understand the preceding point, you need to use it regularly. BMG offers a variety of trial games aimed specifically at new users to help them get the hang of the platform. After that, you can build your own fun teams and play them for real money.


  1. Avoid any suspicious activity


BMG is very strong in protecting the privacy of its users. Our forum blocks people who do not comply with our policy or do things that are intolerable. Attach valid proof of age and banking details to prevent your account loss.



This is a good time to join the 2021 mythological mania predictions. Download BMG to start your game with cricket picking games today and create your dream team IPL 2021 to start winning real money earning games in India. All the best.